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Start building your Kingdom database today!

Start building your Kingdom database today!


  • Kill point update! 😝

    Governors, its with deep regret I inform everyone our OCR templates haven’t been updated to work with the latest Rise of Kingdoms update. This sadly means data collection will be incorrect till this fixed. We don’t have a time frame on the fix but we’re in the midst of an update that will standardize template creation moving forward.

    A future post is planned to document the update and project direction moving forward. In the mean time please check out our Discord and join the conversation! We have a growing community of governors and developers committed to capturing kingdom data!

    Update: Forms disabled.

    September 15, 2021

Welcome Governor!

RoK Monster attempts to automate tedious record keeping and analysis in Rise of Kingdoms. By analyzing screenshots and videos of pre-recorded game play we can extract various data points such as governor power, deaths, kills and more. This can help with various kingdom statistics, fairly distributing KvK rewards or visualizing personal progression.

How it works

Governor (that’s you)

  1. Take screenshots or record a video of the data you want to capture. Currently supported screens:
  2. Select or drag and drop the screenshots or videos in the box below.
  3. Provide any optional information.
  4. After all your files have uploaded press Start.

Now sit back and gather some corn and stone while we generate your data!

Processing can take any where from 30 seconds for a few images to 15+ minutes for videos.


Start new project 🆕

You’re just a few steps away from automating your kingdom’s statistics.

  1. Upload your media.
  2. Fill in the necessary information to start your project.

On submission you’ll be redirected to your project’s page. That’s it!

1. Upload

All in-game languages and resolutions are supported. However for best results we recommend the following:

  • 16*9 resolution
  • At least 1920px wide
  • In-game language set to English*
  • Images png jpg jfif gif
  • [is_user_logged_in]Videos avi mov mpg mp4 qt[/is_user_logged_in][is_user_logged_out]Videos avi mov mpg mp4 qt Please login to enable videos![/is_user_logged_out]

Our capture templates are designed with on-screen element placement with in-game language set to English. Data captured can be any language chosen at Project creation however templates currently require English for proper text alignment. Improving support for other languages and resolutions is a priority.

Upload limit: [user_cap option=max_size]MB
Total files: [user_cap option=max_files]


2. Details


If you’d like to learn more about the open source software that powers RoK Monster please check out our GitHub.