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Things are still very new here and we’re in beta for a reason. We expect numerous changes and improvements to come these next few weeks and months. We’ll announce any changes as they go live via Updates.

Here’s a quick overview of things to look forward to here at RoK Monster and rok-monster-cli these next few months.

Please leave feedback 🙏

It’s the best way to improve the rok-monster-cli scanner’s performance, fix website issues and continue providing tools Governor’s want to use.

Known issues

These issues are currently being addressed:

  • Scanner inconsistency with other languages besides English
  • iOS videos rendering at 10fps



  • Language selection when creating or modifying a project
  • Feedback submission directly on project page
  • Email notification on project completion
  • Export data as CSV


  • Contributor membership + video upload


  • API for other data points:
    • Skills
    • Inventory items
    • Battle logs
  • Allow users to create templates selecting only the data their interested in capturing.

  • Unit tests
  • Increase sample comparison performance
    • Load sample into memory once
    • Keep image loaded in memory after rok_ocr_prep_image()

Last Updated: 11/9/2020